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  • Omar Logang and the Marocco

  • Omar Logang and the french Riviera

  • Omar Logang and Mali

  • Huile sur toile, 152x453cm

  • Huile sur toile, 12x24 cm.

    Poema. Oleo sobre lienzo. Huile sur toile, 12x24 cm.


About Omar Logang

Omar Logang was born in the Southern Sudan into an artistic family. For the past seventeen years Omar has painted in Spain with almost annual visits to Morocco, Malì and the South of France. In these locations he constantly searches for scenes of changing light. He is equally skilled in landscape, figure painting, portraits and city views.


Irrespective of his academic career and upbringing in Africa, Omar's painting is much more broadly based and exhibits major elements of European art. His use of intense colours is highly individualistic and the viewer will appreciate his work in an original way. His reduced style of painting figures displays elements of detachment and loneliness.


Omar Logang has had many regular individual exhibitions in Madrid in well known galleries. He is now starting to be much more widely known and his work forms part of collections in France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and the USA.